Wireless Networking


Introducing the next generation in wireless networks…

Today’s businesses rely on wireless connectivity more than ever before. What was once a convenience has now become a necessity in most organizations. More than ever, users are carrying multiple wireless devices and utilizing applications that demand more and more bandwidth.

If your wireless network was designed before the wireless explosion of the past few years, the needs of your users may exceed your network’s capabilities. Is your wireless network struggling to keep up under the demand of more devices, more access points, wider mobility and greater bandwidth needs?

All Tel Networks can help! We understand the needs of today’s wireless networks and offer cost-effective, scalable solutions that can handle today’s demands and expand as your needs change.

We can install and configure wireless access solutions from AdTran that bring the power of virtualization, scalability and superior security your wireless network.

Network Virtualization

Optimizes computing power, allowing for cost-effective scaling of critical applications. This system eliminates the bottleneck created by conventional hardware controllers and replaces it by virtualizing the control and management of software to run on a hypervisor (VMware®).


While most large hardware controllers support 150 access points and 4,000 users max, ADTRAN’s vWLAN can support 1500 access points and more than 48,000 users. This makes the system easy to upgrade as your needs change, without the need to purchase additional hardware.


vWLAN uses intelligent access points that operate a stageful firewall. Unwanted traffic is turned away before it ever enters the network, eliminating the security risks of conventional wireless networks.

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