Internet & Network Security

internet-network-security1Keeping your network safe is a full-time job these days. Countless viruses, spyware bots and hackers are ready to invade your network and your computers at any moment, causing poor network performance, server or computer system crashes or worse – the theft of critical data including customer account information, credit card numbers, accounting data and much more.

A good offense is the best defense against the multitude of threats to your network security. All Tel Networks understands the security needs of business systems and offers a multi-layered approach to handle a variety of security threats to your network including:

  1. Virus Protection
  2. Spyware Protection
  3. Intrusion Prevention
  4. Email filtering / spam removal
  5. and much more…

We evaluate your entire network, uncover vulnerabilities and make sound recommendations to plug security holes when we find them. Our comprehensive approach means your network is protected from hackers on the outside, as well as well-meaning employees who unknowingly introduce viruses or spyware to their computer systems. We can help you establish security standards and procedures and help you implement them to keep your network safe.

We can also recommend solutions to deny access to troublesome or time-wasting websites that diminish productivity and invite security problems. Just ask about content filtering to prevent access to online shopping sites, Facebook and other notorious time-wasting websites.

Proper internet security means less network problems now and in the future. If you haven’t looked at your network security for awhile or just aren’t sure if you have the right protection for your needs, contact All Tel Networks for a network security consultation. We’ll be glad to go over your systems and provide a complete report on our findings, with recommendations for sound solutions that work!